Paul McCartney returns to Liverpool with secret gig at Philharmonic pub

Paul McCartney returned to Liverpool to surprise fans by playing a secret gig in the Philharmonic pub.

The pub, which has been labeled as one of John Lennon’s favourite pubs, once saw Buddy Holly perform the when he visited city and has been dubbed ‘The Phil’ by local Scousers.

McCartney, who was was spotted walking around the city with James Corden earlier in the day, called in some of the local spots which included the famous Beatles statue at the Pier Head… which Macca got a selfie with. The stunt is no doubt in conjunction with Corden’s US programme The Late Late Show and is expected to appear on one of his episodes in the near future.

Still, got plenty of people excited: “My head has fallen off. Just seen Paul McCartney play a gig to 50 people in the Philharmonic pub in Liverpool. Absolutely made my life. Thank you for the music Paul,” one fan tweeted.

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