The Beatles “split letter” is now up for auction

It has been confirmed today that the letters which would go on to seal the end of one of the greatest bands in history are now up for sale from $550,000. A giant piece of musical history could well be yours.

In 1969 the end of The Beatles was on the horizon and two letters would go on to notorise the band’s official break up. The two letters in question were sent to John and Lee Eastman, father and brother of Linda McCartney who married Paul in March 1969.

The first letter, sent in January 1969, was sent from all members of the Fab Four and their Apple Corps manager Nigel Aspinall asking John Eastman to represent on behalf of the band “in negotiations in respect of all contracts proposed”.

However, the second letter would seal the end of the band as three members of The Beatles; John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison announce their move from Eastman to The Rolling Stones management Allan Klein. Paul would instead stay with the family team and thus the biggest band break up ever would ensue.

The three Beatles wrote “This is to inform you of the fact that you are not authorized to act of to hold yourself as the attorney or legal representative of ‘The Beatles’ or of any of the companies which the Beatles own or control, we recognize that you are authorized to act for Paul McCartney, personally, and in this regard we will instruct our representatives to give you the fullest co-operation.”

The announcement comes shortly after Peter Jackson announced that he would be releasing a documentary on the last days of The Beatles. Moments In Time are selling the first letter for $225,000, and the infamous “split letter” from April 1969 letter $325,000.

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