Ringo Starr says he much prefers re-edited version of Let It Be film

Ringo Starr: “I thought the re-edit of Let It Be was great.”

Ringo Starr: “I thought the re-edit of Let It Be was great.”

Ringo Starr has said he was “never really excited about the original” Let It Be documentary, but admits he is a fan of the new version.

The original film, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, was first released in May 1970 in the wake of the Beatles break-up, but was restored and launched on Disney+ earlier this month and captures the group writing and recording their penultimate album.

The film was remastered using the same technology used for Peter Jackson’s epic 2021 docuseries The Beatles:

“I thought the re-edit of Let It Be was great,” Ringo said.

“The original one has just come out again that Michael Lindsay-Hogg did, and the edit – I love the edit.

“I never really was excited about the original documentary, but this one is great, because it’s just on the lads and the playing, and the music and the chat about the songs.

“It’s really good, and it’s only two hours long.”

The comments come as Ringo is set to release a new EP titled Crooked Boy, featuring four new songs written and produced by Songwriters Hall Of Fame star Linda Perry.

The Beatles star said there is only one thing he “demands” from writers he works with.

“If you’re writing me a song… it can be a downer, but it’s got to have some up at the last verse, or in the middle, or wherever. I don’t want it to stay down.”

Ringo said he asked Perry to write him a rock song for the EP in which Nick Valensi from US band The Strokes played on the guitar, who was a “great vibe” and “plays really well”.

Ringo Starr: “It’s always great to work with Paul, I love the man and he’s my friend”

While fellow Beatles star Paul McCartney also appears on the EP.

“It was great, it’s always great,” he said of working with Paul.

“I love it because I’ve done about 10 fully-fledged CD’s in this room and Paul is on like four of them, if he’s in town I say bring your bass over, I’ve got a track.

“It’s better when we’re in the room, he’s an incredible bass player, incredible guy and he has a big heart – and now I’ve found out he’s had a camera all these years,” he said, of Sir Paul’s National Portrait Gallery exhibit which featured unseen photographs taken during the early days of The Beatles.

“We were so close together in 1964, really the only thing we could take photos of was each other.

“It’s always great to work with Paul, I love the man and he’s my friend,” Ringo added.

Ringo’s new EP Crooked Boy is out worldwide on May 31.

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