The Beatles Find Their Way Back To Two Billboard Charts

Fans of The Beatles were intrigued once again this week, as news broke that the four films being made about all four members of the band may have found their stars. Rumors are swirling that four actors have been chosen to play Paul, John, Ringo, and George, and though nothing has been confirmed, the mere mention of names is enough to get people interested in not just the forthcoming movies, but the Fab Four’s music once again.

It seems that the American public didn’t need to hear about possible casting in order to revisit The Beatles’ music. The band returns to a pair of Billboard charts this frame, thanks to an apparent uptick in listening and buying. The news about the movies didn’t impact this performance, though it may lead to another surge on the weekly rankings in a few days.

The Beatles are back on two Billboard tallies this week with 1, their bestselling compilation. The set isn’t new to either list, and it’s recently been returning to, and then falling away from, both of them. This time around, it’s found a home on both rosters once again, as people in this country can’t get enough of the rockers.

1 reappears on the Billboard 200 at No. 192. The title has now spent 544 weeks somewhere on the ranking of the most-consumed albums in the U.S. It stands as one of The Beatles’ many No. 1s on the list.

The compilation also barely manages to break back onto one of the company’s genre-specific rankings. 1 reappears on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums chart at No. 49. That’s the second-to-lowest rung on the 50-spot roster, which tracks the most-consumed titles in only the rock and alternative spheres.

According to Luminate, last tracking week, The Beatles’ 1 managed to shift 8,048 equivalent units. That figure is almost entirely made up of fans listening to the group’s biggest singles on streaming sites, as the collection only sold 390 copies.

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